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Posted by oraclewalkin in Interview.

Few weeks back, I was interviewed by Sudhanshu Raheja as he asked me some questions about the WALKIN blog and the idea behind starting all this. If you want to know more about this or about me, you can read it HERE

Sudhanshu Raheja is an entrepreneur, a first time startupper, a blogger and a tech-geek. Not long ago he was just another software engineer enjoying his onsite fling and frequenting job portals looking for better options. Then it struck him that starting up was the best thing to could. So he launched Vercingetorix Technologies and has been involved in product development ever since. He has some interesting projects coming up:-

Ploterati is a free web tool where you will come across the best blogs in India. It has been created to utilize the tremendous information available within Technorati, and use it to create plots to visually understand the data. I really liked the way Logo has been worked out. The Tool is also very interesting.

MbaKarma is the flagship project. It is a first ever online and on-demand testing solution for CAT preparation. It implements a revolutionary and ground breaking approach which is much superior to the traditional approach for CAT preparation. Now tests can be taken whenever you like at the comfort of your home. At the end of every test there is a detailed test analysis which will help you in fine tuning your strategy at every stage of your preparation. MbaKarma is currently in closed alpha, and is due to launch on the 1st of August 2007.

My Best Wishes to Sudhanshu for these projects !!



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