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Job Title: Creative Generalist

Company Name: EnergyHarvesting.com

Experience in years: 0-5 years

Skills:  Our company has recently turned our interests outside the U.S., and we are currently looking in India for a handful of highly qualified colleagues to begin collaborating with our dynamic team in the United States to develop our web-based business with scientific/business awareness.  Our ideal candidate(s) has a unique mindset: an analytical yet innovative thinker, someone who is both creative, as well as someone who expresses an interest in sciences, maths, or business.  The student, or recent graduate, would have a global outlook, be computer-savvy, and have a good command of the English language.  We seek a person who demonstrates a high level of intelligence academically, but may not have found their niche in the business world as of yet.

Salary Range: Negotiable

Job Location: Dehradun, India

Apply Email: hr(AT)energyharvesting.com

Email Subject: ” Creative Generalist from JobBlogr.com ”

Contact number: 1-800-220-4263

Website: www.energyharvesting.com



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