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Posted by oraclewalkin in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai.
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About us:
Our company has recently turned our interests outside the U.S., and we are currently looking in India for a handful of highly qualified colleagues to begin collaborating with our dynamic team in the United States to develop our web-based business with scientific/business awareness.  Our ideal candidate(s) has a unique mindset: an analytical yet innovative thinker, someone who is both creative, as well as someone who expresses an interest in sciences, maths, and/or business.  The student, or recent graduate, would have a global outlook, be computer-savvy, and have a good command of the English language.  We seek a person who demonstrates a high level of intelligence academically, but may not have found their niche in the business world as of yet.

Company: EnergyHarvesting.com

Website: http://www.energyharvesting.com

Position: Freelance Research Consultant

Location: Delhi/ Mumbai/ Chennai/ Bangalore

Experience: 1-5 years

Salary: Negotiable

You will:
Be a pro-active, enthusiastic individual with an outgoing personality and full of innovative ideas
Assist with business development and industry analysis
Identify and analyze business prospects, market trends, and research issues
Forecast, and conduct company profiling

Essential Skills:
BA/BS required; MA/MS preferred
An aptitude for clear, engaging writing and strong verbal skills
Demonstrated analytical skills
An ability to work independently
Enjoy growth potential and rewarding work experience

Apply: Apply today by emailing your CV and compensation expectations to hr(AT)energyharvesting.com

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