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JobBlogr is an Indian Job Blog which reports the current Job Openings from various domains for experienced professionals as well as Fresh Graduates.

From a recruiter’s perspective, we offer a unique way to reach the elusive passive candidates.So,all the recruiters and job referrers are welcome to join us in this next level of recruitment.

Happy Job hunting!!

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1. Sathya - September 13, 2006

Good Job. Keep it up.
Since u r catering to ppl looking out for Jobs (basically job hunting), it would be great if u could add one more page, with relevent information with interview tips trick etc, it would really add to ur readership 🙂

2. splitstrm - September 15, 2006

We are seeking several Windows Application Architects to be Based out of New Delhi. These are excellent opportunities at new R&D center for an online communications application company.

The right individual(s) must have prior experience in the role of a
Windows Application Architect. The position requires the ability to
think through use cases and high level system requirements to come up with software architecture and design. The applicant must also possess skills to define and break down complex problems and manage a team of engineers and team leads to come up with creative and smart solutions. The individual should also be hands-on with programming, UML, object diagrams, TCP/IP Networking, Web/Internet protocols. The job will provide enough experience in this regards as well. A keen aptitude for exploration, keeping up with technology and writing quality high performing software is desirable. Applicants will be evaluated on all these aspects.

We require the applicants to be skilled in integrating the following
technologies in our distributed architecture: C#/C++/Visual Basic in
.NET Environment, NUnit for testing, ADO.NET, Visual Studio, XML, Web
Services, Web Service APIs (like Google, Yahoo!, eBay, PayPal)
Databases, SQL, Encryption and PKI techniques, Windows GUI Design,

Experience in the following technologies is desirable but not
mandatory: DHTML, JavaScript, XML, AJAX,XSL.

The applicant must have either a Bachelor’s degree with 4-5 years experience or a Master’s degree with 3-4 years experience. Educational background and/or previous experience in reputed institutions or organizations in India or abroad is a must. Diplomas or certificates are not acceptable as substitutes for the educational requirements. He/She should have the passion for developing software systems and applications which work in a distributed/internet environment and use a breadth of technologies. Candidates will also be required to go through a rigorous

3. Cem Basman - September 28, 2006

While you are covering the resources side I’m reporting the business side! Happy coexistence 😉

4. abhinavgoyal - March 5, 2007

Indian Job Blogger,

Are you charging companies looking to recruit people directly? If so, thats definitely a most interesting model since you are going head-to-head with the likes of Naukri, et al.

Wish you all the best with the blog and your attempts to turn it into a profession and keep us posted at iLeher.com

5. oraclewalkin - March 15, 2007

@ Abhinav
We are not charging companies at present and all our services are completely FREE.
We would surely keep you posted regarding any development.
Thanks a lot for your wishes !!

6. mbchandar - August 21, 2007

good initiative

7. walkin - August 22, 2007

@ Bala
Thank you.

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